Maintenance Services

Policy and Procedures
The Property Manager will direct the maintenance of all common areas in accordance with policies and practices adopted by your Board of Directors and defined by your Covenants.
When a request for service is received, either by phone or in writing, the Property Manager records the date, name and address and community name. It is then determined whether the Association is responsible for the expense by reviewing the community responsibility checklist and when necessary the Association By-laws.
If Board approval is needed, your Property manager will contact a Board Member to advise them of the problem.
If three competitive bids are applicable, these will be obtained and presented to the Board.
The Property Manager inspects all bid work prior to invoice payment.
If work has not been done to specification, your Property Manager will contact the appropriate vendor to discuss and resolve the issue.
After successful completion, the invoice is submitted to Accounts Payable for payment, showing approval signature, date and expense account line.
Competitive bids will be obtained for the following services as well as any other specialized services required by your community:
-Lawn maintenance and trimming
-Lawn fertilization and insecticide
-Shrub and tree fertilization and insecticide
-Grub control
-Lake and Pond maintenance
-Spring and fall clean up to include leaf removal
-Snow plowing and sanding
-Irrigation start up and shutdown as well as maintenance
-Roof, gutter and siding replacement
-Street repair/replacement
-Pool repair/replacement
-All other amenity repairs/replacements