COVID-19 Update

Ardsley Management continues to evaluate and reevaluate the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in the U.S. and how it impacts our communities and employees.  The Executive Order of the Governor is only essential for businesses and travel ongoing.  Therefore, most Ardsley employees will be working from their homes as much as possible.  This will not interrupt our services to any communities because we will continue to do business as usual in our “new normal."  
Many aspects of Association Management fall under the Essential Business clause of the states Stay at Home order.  This being said, we will continue to function on a daily basis.  Functions that are considered non-essential will not be taking place until April 7, 2020.  These functions include, but are not limited to; site visits, compliance drives, and project inspections.  Many of the vendors performing contract duties within the Association will continue as planned or as close to as possible.
Thank you again for your continued patience and understanding while we all navigate through this time of global hardship.
Kevin Schwarz, President
Ardsley Management